Relativity Of

by Vernon of Persia

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released February 10, 2017

George Anthony - Vocals
Kalen Thomas - Guitar
Steven Giro - Bass
Tyler Thomas- Drums/Synth



all rights reserved


Vernon of Persia San Antonio, Texas

We're a Progressive Metal group based out of San Antonio, TX.

Playing music is our life.

Our ambition is to inspire.

Because Tacos.

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Track Name: Phoenix
Reality, it’s not what you hear
It’s what you live
And what you choose to believe
This hope
Is not of something
Or through someone
It’s what you were created to be

These battles in my life
Backward and forward until
Time rolls by and bye
Burn this world alive

It’s what we brought
The gift of life
Has been
Forever betrayed

I tried to see all the beautiful things
Surpass all opinions
But all I saw was time and you

As we
Paint our hate
With blood on our hands
And no love at heart
Track Name: Driftwood
Amidst the ailing light I follow
Illuminating darkness
Discern my pathway
You twist you turn I break
I curse your name
Regenerate broken hearts
My fate is determined by you

Everything you ever said to me
Disappears into thin air
It’s merely nothing
Illuminating darkness
Discern my pathway

What really appeals to me
Is what your eyes refuse to see

We both know
We’ve been drifting far too long
Wishing we could swim
Above the water

Shipwrecked sands
We’re lost at sea
Fighting to the surface
Can we still breathe
Take my hand or be lost forever
Regenerating broken hearts
Fate is determined

Looking at the sky
As the stars align

Do we ever really die
If we are born from the light

This emptiness inside
Know it has been justified

Disappear into thin air
You’re merely nothing
Track Name: Time Wizard, Pt. 1
Everything I’ve ever held so dear to me
Dear to me
Feels like they’re hanging loosely
By a string

One minute you got it all in your hands
Next thing you know, it follows tragedy

I’m moving past design
To brand new limits
Or lack thereof

I’m fighting for myself
I’m fighting for myself again

I’ve ever held so dear to me
Seems like they’re hanging loosely
Track Name: Time Wizard, Pt. 2
Breathe in the air
Take in the sights
It’s what we have for now

Until the second appointment comes back
Just like the first one

We’re all pre-destined for the
Intricacies and beauty of life

What no one ever bothers to tell you
Is how to deal with the pain of
Letting go

It will make you see
Clearly the horror
Involved in claiming you’re free

There’s barriers being created
It’s what will keep us all separated
If you let it control you

There’s levels in the classes
Amongst all the masses
It will make you go insane
If you let it control you

The children of what we all thought
Or hoped could be
Now they’re just dreamscapes
Led aimlessly to sleep

We wallow in the land of the strong
Seeking to devour the flesh
Of the weak
Track Name: Foxtrottin'
Carry on
With all the rest of the people
Be like the sheep who’s already been
Cast amongst the Wolves

Be like the one that has grown
Downward so far
He’s reached the unknown
It’ll be the death of you
A death not forgotten
But definitely overlooked

Be like the one who bears no weight
Over his shoulders who has the world
At his feet

Foxtrottin’ like a sheep
Amongst the wolves

You always bring me under
I will never understand
It’s like you’re sabotaging
It’s like your bringing me down

Every second matters most
How I choose to proceed home
Track Name: Lucid
This is your nightmare
Reverberations in time
That have caused me strife

Wake up
When you sleep It becomes
A juggernaut of destruction
Ripping through the depths
Of the deepest oceans

Make them pay
For what they’ve done to us
And wreak havoc
On those that seek to oppress

Bring an end
To these motherf#@$ing
Sleepless nights

I am the insomniac
Hallucinating the thoughts
That will end our world

Can you help me
Find a way
To remove the negativity
It clouds the sun in the sky
And down goes the rain

Feast your eyes
Upon your future
No matter what’s been told
Your journey will unfold
With the seeds and the roots
That you’ve sewn

I never thought this would be
A bad dream on repeat
Running in circles
With no destination