from by Vernon of Persia



Amidst the ailing light I follow
Illuminating darkness
Discern my pathway
You twist you turn I break
I curse your name
Regenerate broken hearts
My fate is determined by you

Everything you ever said to me
Disappears into thin air
It’s merely nothing
Illuminating darkness
Discern my pathway

What really appeals to me
Is what your eyes refuse to see

We both know
We’ve been drifting far too long
Wishing we could swim
Above the water

Shipwrecked sands
We’re lost at sea
Fighting to the surface
Can we still breathe
Take my hand or be lost forever
Regenerating broken hearts
Fate is determined

Looking at the sky
As the stars align

Do we ever really die
If we are born from the light

This emptiness inside
Know it has been justified

Disappear into thin air
You’re merely nothing


from Relativity Of, released February 10, 2017



all rights reserved


Vernon of Persia San Antonio, Texas

We're a Progressive Metal group based out of San Antonio, TX.

Playing music is our life.

Our ambition is to inspire.

Because Tacos.

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