This is your nightmare
Reverberations in time
That have caused me strife

Wake up
When you sleep It becomes
A juggernaut of destruction
Ripping through the depths
Of the deepest oceans

Make them pay
For what they’ve done to us
And wreak havoc
On those that seek to oppress

Bring an end
To these motherf#@$ing
Sleepless nights

I am the insomniac
Hallucinating the thoughts
That will end our world

Can you help me
Find a way
To remove the negativity
It clouds the sun in the sky
And down goes the rain

Feast your eyes
Upon your future
No matter what’s been told
Your journey will unfold
With the seeds and the roots
That you’ve sewn

I never thought this would be
A bad dream on repeat
Running in circles
With no destination


from Relativity Of, released February 10, 2017



all rights reserved


Vernon of Persia San Antonio, Texas

We're a Progressive Metal group based out of San Antonio, TX.

Playing music is our life.

Our ambition is to inspire.

Because Tacos.

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